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As important as the technique and mastery of tools and technologies, is a solid theoretical basis in different areas of knowledge. It is from this broader perspective that Universidade Metodista de São Paulo directs the education of the student body of the College of Communication.

The pedagogical projects are designed in this duality between theory and practice, providing support for the execution of projects, regardless of the platform used – radio, TV, the internet or print media. Always under the guidance of professors, students engage in activities in specific spaces, such as the Multimedia Newsroom, where they can participate as paid interns or as an extension of the classroom, experiencing a newsroom similar to those existing in the various communications vehicles; the Integrated Communications Agency (AGiCOM), a project similar to the agencies servicing real clients; and the Projects Room, in which they meet to develop communications campaigns for real clients as well. The work performed by them is showcased in the Expometô - an event held annually in the Vera Cruz Pavilion, in São Bernardo, divided into Metôfashion, Colors and Tastes, Cosmétika, the Design Showcase and the Showcase of Corporate/Institutional Projects. Students from all Communications programs participate in them.

The University also has partnerships for production of videos for Canal Futura and reports for Radio CBN, and the UOL portal, as well as an agreement with the main newspaper in the region, Diário do Grande ABC, for internships. A characteristic of each phase of the courses, essential for those working in the communications area, is the ability to change positions; to put yourself in the position of broadcaster, preparing a message, and at other times, in that of receiver. In this way, young people are encouraged to experience the variables present in the relationship with the other, such as respect, personal values and ethics. On the other hand, another level of the education is the graduate program in Social Communication, with more than 35 years of existence. Its purpose is to train teachers, researchers and high-level professionals, qualified to work in the communications area in public or private companies, institutions of higher education and non-governmental organizations.

It is also worth noting that since 1996, Metodista has hosted the UNESCO Chair in Communication for Regional Development. Through this space, teaching, research and extension activities are regularly developed, with students of the program being able to take part in them.


Undergraduate Courses 


Bachelor’s Degree

• Marketing Communication

• Journalism

• Publicity and Advertising

• Radio, TV and the Internet

• Public Relations


Technological Undergraduate  Degree

• Interior Design

• Digital Games *

• Multimedia Production


Postgraduate Courses 


• Business Communication * *

• Content Management in Communication: Communication and Relations *

• Content Management in Communication: Culture and Entertainment *

• Content Management in Communication: Journalism *

• Content Management in Communication: Advertising and Promotion *

• Marketing *


Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs

• Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Social Communication


Portfolio updated for the 1st semester of 2014. Check out the updated list of courses on the following website: www.metodista.br.


* Course offered in distance learning mode only

* * Course offered in contact and distance learning modes



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