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Intensive Program of Portuguese


Students can be hosted by a Brazilian family or stay at the student dorms

Costs: (in local currency) Tuition R$ 3250,00 + housing R$ 1680,00

Dates: Course starts on January, 23 and finishes on February, 17
Students can enjoy Carnival from February 25 to February 28.

Schedule Sample:
Monday to Friday – 09:00am to 12:00 – Portuguese Classes;
Cultural Activities in the afternoons;

Cultural Activities Included:

  • City Tour in São Paulo
  • Capoeira Workshop
  • A seminar about environment and suntainability
  • A visit to the municipal Market and IbirapueraPark

Extra activities not included in the price:

  • A visit at the beach
  • The port of Santos (the most important port in Brazil)
  • The museums of soccer
  • Visits to the country side of Brazil


Brazil is nowadays the sixth biggest economy in the world, and promises to occupy the fifth position until the end of the decade. Furthermore its external relationships have been increased dramatically in the last eigth years which has brought innumerous opportunities to its partners in the fields of business, education, energy, agriculture, environment, among others.

The intensive program proposes a three week immersion course in the Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture, promoting the development of both written (reading and text production) and oral communicative abilities in various situational contexts of day-to-day life, through experimentations with cultural life.

The intensive Portuguese program as a foreign language will be developed in three different teaching levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. 

Students are required to go through a test in order to evaluate their proficiency level aiming at their enrollment in one of the available teaching levels proposed in the program.

The Portuguese Language Course taking place in the morning will be based on a communicative approach to foreign language learning in a way to develop linguistic grammatical and strategic competences through diversified and contextualized situational task based activities

The course taking place in the afternoon will be based on Brazilian culture, promoting the development of oral communication in conversation classes which focus face-to-face interaction by means of a sort of realia that
prompts conversation including site visits and cultural activities such as dancing, Brazilian Music, Brazilian Folklore and Brazilian History.


Target Public
• Students who are studying or have already finished High School;
• Undergraduate or graduate students;
• Wish to understand better the Brazilian Culture.

• Enable students to acquire Brazilian Portuguese, promoting their contact with the cultural values of the Brazilian people through a process of immersion in the language. This process will be made possible by their exposition to concrete,relevant and diversified context and situations of language in use;
• Promote the development of the communicative competence of the students;
• Prepare students for the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese as a Foreign Language-CELPE– Braas/Project /MEC (Brazilian Federal Education Department) & Methodist University.

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