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Methodist Education

Always connected to the new times, the Methodist Education is betting more and more on the internationalization of knowledge as an institutional policy. In order to put its guidelines into practice, the institution counts on several formats of exchange programs, joint-courses, internships and other actions that provide the students of all its units an academic and multicultural formation beyond the Brazilian borders.

Aware of the importance of leading excellence in teaching and absorbing best pedagogical practices at the global level, the Methodist Education promotes initiatives to identify trends, connections, opportunities and market niches, as well as to develop relationships of institutional interest with actions that keep up with a constant renewal process.

The orientation of Methodist Education in search of a cosmopolitan bias in teaching is based on a series of advantages and differentials that influence the formation of teachers and students who have the opportunity of an experience abroad. International experiences add a variety of skills to students: new language and culture, academic skills of another country, exchange of experiences, updating of knowledge, adaptability, creativity, among other benefits.


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