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Exact Sciences and Technology


The continuing advances and innovations in the technology area make this a promising field, mainly with regard to the number of openings offered. However, qualified people are needed, capable of meeting the demands of organizations.

Aware of this reality, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo includes real market simulations in its academic routines, in which students must comply with established targets and deadlines. Another way to contribute to the education of its students is to promote events like Technology Week, with lectures and courses given by professionals in the area. There is also the FACET Agency (College of Exact Sciences and Technology Agency), which supports internal and external projects, developing computer systems for the university. At the Agency, students can participate in internship programs and research and scientific initiation projects.

Cooperation with companies, especially those located in the ABC region, is one of Metodista investments to understand the professional profile desired. Thus, necessary adaptations can be made to course curriculum. A positive point is that this relationship allows students to have contact with the reality of research and development work in the institutions. Initiatives like these are headed by the Agency for Promoting Technology Application Agreements (FOCAT). Through it, companies make presentations and have the opportunity to train students in the use of their technologies.

Working side by side with the market allows the university to create new courses, such as occurred with the Industrial Automation course, the result of a partnership with Festo. Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Iplan and ABB are among the companies working with Metodista.


Undergraduate Courses


Bachelor’s Degree

• Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

• Software Engineering

• Information Systems [Teaching Certification]

• Mathematics


Technological Undergraduate Degree

• Systems Analysis and Development * *

• Industrial Automation

• Digital Games *

• Management of Information Technology * *

• Multimedia Production


Postgraduate Courses


Lato Sensu Graduate Programs

• IT Project Management with Practices

Aligned with the PMI® * *

• Marketing applied to new Technologies and Telecommunications


Portfolio updated for the 1st semester of 2014. Check out the updated list of courses on the following website: www.metodista.br.


* Course offered in distance learning mode only

* * Course offered in contact and distance learning modes


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