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Commitment to the community

In addition to professional training excellence, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo trains agents of change; to make this possible, the institution understands the need to break down the barriers established by the classroom.

Investing in Extension, one of the points that sustains the university tripod, allows students to come into contact with other realities, developing projects with the community and playing a leading role in building knowledge together.

These activities contribute to professional and personal growth, since they provide contact with students from other areas and, in some cases, integrated work between undergraduate and graduate programs.

Among the extension activities are the Canudos project – a partnership with the Brazilian Solidarity Institute, to meet the needs of the Canudos Velho community, in the state of Bahia – and the LIBRAS at the University, which trains teaching certification program students in Brazilian Sign Language.

Included into these projects are Policlinica in Sao Bernado do Campo - SP,  which is a clinic where the students of Biology and Health Sciences College attend and care of regional community. There are several areas such as Phisioterapy, Odontology, Physical Education, Clinical Analysis, Psychology and Nutrition are embodied into the organizational structure of the clinic, in the attempt to benefit both students who are practising what they have learnt and the neighborhood who have been assisted through Policlinica. 

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