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Biology and Health Sciences


Due to its religious character, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo considers the humanist education of its student body as important as technical training. This aspect becomes even more relevant when one considers the students who work in the health area.

In addition to being likely to work with what is most advanced in technological terms, the focus should be on the individual, on the attention and care he/she needs, whether this is the patient himself/herself or just a person accompanying his/her pet, in the case of consultations and procedures provided by Veterinary Medicine.

Thus, the university has specific spaces for its students to apply theoretical concepts and engage in professional practice. Since the beginning of the courses, young people have the Pharmacology School, Veterinary Hospital, Polyclinic and School Academy infrastructure to develop work based on the tripod of prevention, promotion and treatment.

During the course, students have an opportunity to participate in extension projects and have contact with the country’s health situation, in activities organized in less favored areas or as free work in group efforts. Encouragement of scientific production should also be emphasized, since knowledge gained from research is essential for obtaining new drugs and treatments.

Another point that should be highlighted is the Sustainability Center, a multidisciplinary unit that seeks to interweave this theme into students’ education and Metodista operations. It brings together professors and students interested in discussion and engaging in research, extension and teaching projects in the area.

It is important to consider the contribution of the graduate program in Health Psychology, which stands out in two ways: by promoting the exchange of experience between professionals from different specialties and by interchanges in conducting research projects and scientific  publications with the universities of Algarve and Aveiro, in Portugal; of Bologna, in Italy, as well as the University of São Paulo (USP), the Federal University of Uberlândia and USP’s School of Medicine (Hospital das Clínicas).


Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor’s Degree

• Biomedicine

• Physical Education

• Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

• Pharmacology

• Physiotherapy

• Veterinary Medicine

• Dentistry

• Psychology


Teaching Certification

• Biological Sciences


Technological Undergraduate Degree

• Aesthetics and Cosmetics

• Environmental Management *


Postgraduate Courses

Lato Sensu Graduate Programs

• Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Complementary Techniques

• Small Animal Surgery

• Medical Clinic for Cats and Dogs

• Orthodontics

• Clinical and Institutional Educational Psychology


Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs

• Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Health Psychologyl a Salud


Portfolio updated for the 1st semester of 2014. Check out the updated list of courses on the following website: www.metodista.br.

* Course offered in distance learning mode only.

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