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Universidade Metodista de São Paulo

Metodista. Your education, more than just a diploma.

As an educational institution, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo has as its main objective the dissemination of knowledge and a student body properly qualified for the job market.

However, this is just one aspect of its mission.

As part of its essence, its religious character stresses the importance of seeing the student first as a human being, considering the overall education. Thus, the transmission of values like ethics and respect, the inclusion of themes like sustainability in discussions, as well as the creation of situations that promote reflection, is essential to the development of a critical spirit and a broadened vision of the world.

For the University, more than high-quality professionals, it is necessary to educate citizens.

Having individuals with technical capabilities is as important as their capacity to be agents of change who make a difference in society.

This is our commitment.



To participate effectively in the development of people, having the power to influence and contribute to the improvement of quality of life, based on knowledge and ethical values.


To be an educational reference in the building of a learning community, nationally and internationally recognized for services of quality and social significance, with flexible, creative and innovative practices.

Fundamental Values

• Development of a critical awareness of reality;

• Development of a sense of justice and solidarity, and of its practice, including relations in the workplace;

• Reflective practice oriented towards Christian spirituality;

• Development of an awareness that social and individual interests are equally important for the balance of social relations;

• Innovation and creativity subject to ethics, in the construction and socialization of knowledge.



The history of the Instituto Metodista de Ensino Superior (Methodist Institute of Higher Education - IMS) – located in São Bernardo do Campo, an important city in São Paulo’s Greater ABC industrial belt, in the São Paulo metropolitan area – began when the Theological College of the Methodist Church was created in 1938. Recognition of the vocation and educational quality of Methodist teaching, together with the evolution, growth and structural and socioeconomic strengthening of the region, led to the creation of the IMS in 1970, offering degree programs in Language and Literature, Education and Psychology. As a religious school, based on Christian, ethical and moral values, and focused on the community, it soon became one of the country’s most highly regarded institutions of higher education.

In 1997, with the strengthening of the research and extension areas, consolidation of the pedagogical project and the excellence of the quality education achieved over the years, the Methodist college was promoted to university status. Since then, the number of colleges and programs offered has increased, and it has gained more significance on a regional and national level. Today, it is the main reference for higher education in one of Brazil’s most important regions.

The University has three campuses in São Bernardo do Campo, where it offers undergraduate and graduate studies (at the specialization, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral levels) through contact learning, in addition to contact learning support services throughout the country with Distance Education programs. The IMS still continues to have four basic education units (located in the cities of São Bernardo do Campo, Bertioga and Itapeva – in the state of São Paulo – and Passo Fundo, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul).



The efforts to offer students a high-quality learning experience include investments in the education area and also in infrastructure. At the university, the five knowledge areas – Biological and Health Sciences, Communications, Humanities, Management and Business, Exact Sciences and Technology – stand out for having a high-quality teaching staff with environments that facilitate the learning process.


Infrastructure Highlights:

• Integrated Communications Agency (AGiCOM)

• Agency Management Center (CAGE – College of Business Administration and Economics)

• FACET Agency (College of Exact Sciences and Technology)

• FAGES Agency (College of Management and Services)

• Economic Observatory (College of Business Administration and Economics)

• Multimedia Newsroom (Journalism and Radio, TV and the Internet)

• Projects Room (Marketing Communications and Publicity and Advertising)

• Veterinary Hospital

• Polyclinic (with Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Nursing, Nutrition and Psychology services)

• 125 Multimedia Rooms

• 26 Computer Labs

• 10 Auditoriums and Amphitheaters

• 4 Libraries (with over 445,000 titles)


Market Recognition:

• Best private university in the region of ABC, according to the General Course Index (Ministry of Education)

• Best private university in Brazil for Communications and Information for five years in a row (2009 to 2013)  – Student Guide

• Among the best universities in the country for Distance Education in the last two editions (2010 and 2011) of the survey conducted by the Brazilian Association for Distance Education Students


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