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Management and Business

Due to the wide range of possibilities offered in different areas of activity – from microenterprises to multinational companies and organizations both in the public and private sector– professionals in the area of Management and Business need to differentiate themselves in order to stand out in the job market.

In addition to specific knowledge, knowing how to deal with people and being well-informed about what is happening in Brazil and in the world, a systemic and integrated approach is essential to establish a successful career. Taking all these factors into account, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo offers curricular and extracurricular activities that contribute to the intellectual development and investigative skills of its students.

One way to make these aspects work is through the experiences offered by the Agency of the College of Management and Services (FAGES Agency), the Agency Management Center (CAGE) and the Economic Observatory. All these structures allow students to make contact with clients and real situations in the professional environment, putting concepts taught during the courses into practice.

Also worth mentioning are events like the Technologists Meeting, which promotes lectures, panels and workshops with broadcasts for distance learning classes; the Business Fair / Entrepreneur Week, held with the participation of companies and institutions like SEBRAE and the Endeavor Entrepreneur Institute, including technical visits to ports, airports and companies.

Extension projects are also valued. Through them, young people engage in activities that involve applying acquired knowledge for the benefit of the community.

Research is encouraged by initiatives such as the Professional Training Cycle of Activities and the FAGES Social Management Meeting, in which the results of scientific studies are presented to project leaders, entrepreneurs and the community.

On the other hand, the Graduate Business Administration Program takes a position as a creator and disseminator of knowledge, a facilitator of the process of analysis, understanding and encouragement of new approaches to managing organizations in their interactions with players in the context in which they operate. The program also contributes to teacher’s actions in higher education and to research activity, with skills and a strategic vision for the investigation and production of knowledge on important themes of Business Administration and related areas.

Since 2003, the City Management Chair has promoted and supported studies, research, debates and projects for the implementation of integrated public policies with an eye on improving the quality of life in the Greater São Paulo and ABC region.


Undergraduate Courses

 Bachelor’s Degree

• Business Administration * *

• Business Administration – Foreign Trade

• Financial Administration

• Accounting Sciences * *

• Economic Sciences

• Bilingual Executive Secretary Program [Technological Undergraduate Degree]

• Gastronomy

• Environmental Management *

• Quality Management

• Human Resources Management * *

• Financial Management *

• Public Administration *

• Logistics * *

• Marketing * *

• Managerial Processes * *


Postgraduate Courses

(Lato Sensu Graduate Programs)

Master’s Degree

• MPA – Public Administration *

Specialization Programs

• Managerial Assistance – The secretarial professional as manager of services and information* *

• Controller – Business Management * *

• Entrepreneurship and New Business Development *

• Fundraisers – Fundraising and Practical Project Management *

• IT Project Management with Practices Aligned with the PMI® * *

• Quality Management * *

• International Business Management *

• Business Management * *

• Strategic Management of People and Organizational Psychology * *

• Financial Management *

• University Management (semi contact learning)

• Business Logistics *

• Marketing *

• Planning and Management of Sustainability in Companies *


Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs

• Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Portfolio updated for the 1st semester of 2014. Check out the updated list of courses on the following website: www.metodista.br.


* Course offered in distance learning mode

* * Course offered in contact and distance learning modes


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