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Brazilian Arts & Culture

Culture, Sustainability and Business in Brazil: Local Scenarios and Perspectives

Offer a socio-historical Brazilian panorama through the study of the formation of the country and his culture. It intends to develop reflections about the indigenous, African and Portuguese influence, arts, in particular music, the role of TV in the country, political scenario, among others.

Duration: 20 hours, one hour per week, every Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m

Semester Schedule

First Theme: What is Brazil?

03 – Introduction
10 – Brazil in Latin America: Portuguese
17 – Brazilian Formation: Indigenous
24 – Brazilian Formation: Africans
29 – Brazilian Urban Formation: XX Century


Second Theme: Brazilian Culture: A regional Look

14 – South and Southeast: Business Heart
21 – North and Northeast: Cultural Mixes
28 – Midwest: Political Center


Third Theme: Brazilian Culture: Arts

05 – Great Names: Literature
19 – Brazilian Music Pot: Mixing America, Africa and Europe I
26 – Brazilian Music Pot: Mixing America, Africa and Europe I

09 – Great Names: Painting
16 – Brazilian Music Pot: TV – New Demand (The Body)
23 – Brazilian TV: Soap operas for exportation
28 – Football: The soul of a nation?

07 – Seminaries Presentation
14 – Closing and critical remarks for next semester: What lessons am I taking from here?


Evaluation Process

Participation and completion of reading and debriefing tasks: 40%

Research Seminar: Presentation about a subject worked on the course to be chosen by the students. Draw a parallel with the country of origin: 60%

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