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Commitment to sustainability

The Programa Metodista Sustentável (Methodist Sustainability Program) works in a comprehensive way, serving as guide for the Methodist activities, since one of the three basic axes for institutional policies is sustainability.

Its guiding principle is based on the Carta da Terra (Letter of the Earth), which seeks to promote the transition to more sustainable ways of life and to a global society based on a model of shared ethics, which includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, democracy and a culture of peace.

Thus, the University invests in the consolidation of a culture centered on sustainability, including development of research and extension in the area.

A great step forward in this direction was the creation of the Sustainability Center, made up of professors, researchers and employees of all the Methodist colleges and administrative sectors. In partnership with the institution’s Joint Business Incubator, the Sustainability Center faces the challenge of becoming a space for freedom and co-creation.

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