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About the Program


The Post-Graduate Program in Social Communication of the Methodist University of São Paulo - PostCom - began its activities in 1978, with the implementation of the Master's degree, and in 1995 it began to offer the Doctorate, courses duly recommended and recognized by CAPES-MEC. 

The main goal of PostCom is to train highly qualified teachers, researchers and professionals to work in the area of ​​Social Communication in public or private companies, higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


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During the 35-year of history, more than 590 dissertations were presented and defended 130 thesis, which explains the consolidated recognition of the Program in Brazil and abroad. In addition, paying attention to federal guidelines and social transformations, PostCom has been adapting to national Science and Technology standards and attuned to the demands of the emerging of the Information Society, which challenges academia to produce knowledge in a context in which globalization and regionalization are articulated.

In this way, modern teaching facilities, high-level technological infrastructure, active and experienced research groups and and up-to-date faculty translate the Methodist's commitment to the motivated, dynamic student body of various regions of Brazil.


Duration of the course

Master in up to 24 months
Doctorate within 48 months


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