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Structure of the Program

Area of Concentration: Communicational processes


The area concentrates research on the structures and processes of social communication, its socio-cultural relations and the multiple forms of communication in the context of media and technological innovations, as well as the communication strategies and practices of organizations in the contemporary society.

Research lines

Line 1 - Media communication, cultural processes and practices

Study of the processes that are developed within the scope of the media ecosystem in its structural dimensions and the flows of production, circulation and reception, related to information systems and access to knowledge. The researches describe the communicational and sociocultural reality resulting from the practices developed in the context of the media, covering their aesthetics, languages, narratives and technological evolution.

Line 2 - Institutional and marketing communication

Study of the processes and strategies of institutional, advertising and marketing communication in private and public organizations. The research encompasses the management of the communication, online media and networks competences, brands, responsible consumption, image and reputation of the organizations, as well as the language and speech aspects constructed from the interfaces between institutional communication and the market with a view to sustainability and of the corporate governance.

Line 3 - Community communication, territories of citizenship and social development

Theoretical studies and communication processes based on practices developed at the community, alternative and counter-hegemonic levels, in addition to local media Communication. It emphasizes communication in its participatory aspects, in the dynamics of informal education, popular culture, religious practices, the right to communication and diversity, public policies, social empowerment and the exercise of citizenship in identity territories geared to Community and local level development.

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