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Informative Bulletin - April/2014

With great joy, the Postgraduation Program in Religious Studies announces the arrival of the visting professor Dr. Gregory Ellison II.

Dr. Ellisson performs in the Pastoral Area of Candler School of Theology, University Emory, USA, and will work with professor Dr. Nicanor Lopes and Research group “Practical Theology in the Brazilian Context” (GETEP), of the concentration area “Religion, Society and Culture”.

Besides being present in the research group, during May, he will be in the classroom and will present experience, models and theories of pastoral work executed with men of African descent in the USA.

Professor Dr. Ellison discusses and investigates issues related to adolescence, hope, marginalization, dumbness and  invisibility of young American men of African descent. He is the author of the work  "Cut dead but still alive: caring for African American young men" and cofounder of Fearless Dialogues, a qualification initiative in the form of base community to improve the life of young African Americans.

His current research is concerned with taking care of marginalized populations, pastoral as social activism, and mysticism of the 20th and 21st centuries.

For information regarding specific scheduling, please contact:


Helmut Renders
Coordinator of the Postgraduation Program in Religious Studies

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