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Curricular Structure

Curricular Structure


The Postgraduation Program in Religious Studies develops training and research through formal academic activities such as disciplines (mandatory and optional), seminars, colloquia, guidelines of dissertation or thesis, supervised internships and suchlike. Furthermore, the Program offers activities of university extension in the form of symposiums, study weeks, debates and various meetings

The formal academic activities are developed in two Concentration Areas and their respective Research Lines: Religious Languages and Religion, Society and Culture, as follows:

Concentration Areas, Research Lines and Disciplines:


Religious Languages
Religion, Society and Culture

Specific disciplines and activities of the doctorate
Colloquia (at least 3), Interdisciplinary Seminar, Guidance of Thesis
Disciplines and activities common to the concentration areas
General Mandatory Discipline of the Program, Guidance of dissertation and thesis, Research Seminary: thematic studies, Research Group.
Mandatory Discipline of the area and Optional Disciplines

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