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Reedits, with alterations, the Regulations of Postdoctorate of UMESP
The University Council - CONSUN, in extraordinary meeting held on September 19, 2013 resolved concerning proceeding # 57/13, forwarded by the Pro-Rectory of Postgraduation and Research,

Art. 1º Approve amendment to the Regulations of Postdoctorate of UMESP, as attached.

Art. 2º This Resolution comes into force upon the date of its signing revoking Resolutions CONSUN # 02/2012 and other provisions to the contrary.

São Bernardo do Campo, September 19, 2013

Regulations of Postdoctorate of UMESP
TITLE I - Regarding the Postdoctorate Internship
TITLE II - Regarding the acceptance of visiting researchers to execute the Postdoctorate at UMESP
Regarding the Postdoctorate Internship

Art. 1º The Postdoctorate is an Improvement Internship, executed with the follow-up and collaboration of a professor doctor.

Art. 2º To assume the follow-up of the visiting researcher in post-doctoral internship, the host coworker of UMESP shall:

I - Have had the title of doctor for at least five years, obtained in a Postgraduation Program acknowledged by MEC or in a Postgraduation Program in Foreign Institutions.

II - Be part of the Teaching Body of Postgraduation Programs Stricto Sensu, acknowledged by MEC and maintained by UMESP, as a member of the Permanent Teaching Body or as a Coworker Professor for more than two years and accredited to guide those doing a doctorate.

III - Preferably, have done a post-doctoral internship in the country or overseas.

Sole paragraph: The host coworker shall not be able to have simultaneously more than two students doing a postdoctorate.

Art. 3º The Postdoctorate of UMESP aims to receive doctor researchers and lecturers, linked to other Institutions of Higher Education in Brazil or Overseas.

Art. 4º The participation in the Postdoctorate Internship does not generate a functional or employment link between UMESP and the student doing the postdoctorate.

Art. 5º The Postdoctorate Internship is developed by means of a plan of activities and a research Project submitted by the visiting researcher, in common agreement with the host coworker, approved by the respective collegiate of the Stricto Sensu program or commission of the Postdoctorate Program of the UNESCO Chairs of Communication for Regional Development/ Chair of City Management Celso Daniel and validated by the Stricto Sensu Committee.

Sole paragraph: The selective process of the visiting researchers occurs in a continuous flow system along the academic semester.

Art. 6º The Postdoctorate Internship will last from six months to two years, the visiting researcher being able to request, with the due justification and agreement of the host coworker, an extension for up to six months.

Art. 7º The visiting researcher, in post-doctoral internship, as consideration, shall include in his/her plan of activities:

I - Participation, without remuneration, in master’s degree and doctorate evaluation boards;
II - Offer a seminar or lecture concerning his/her object of studies for postgraduation and graduation students during the development of the plan of activities or research project;
III - Issue, if necessary, of reports for scientific periodicals of UMESP;
IV - Issue, if necessary, of reports in scientific congresses of UMESP;
V - Execution of a lecture concerning the final results of the research done.
Regarding the acceptance of visiting researchers to execute the Postdoctorate at UMESP

Art. 8º The Postdoctorate of UMESP will be executed in Stricto Sensu Postgraduation Programs, acknowledged by MEC, or in the Postdoctorate Program of the Chairs instituted in UMESP, whenever led by professors and researchers who fulfill that set forth in Art. 2.

Art. 9º To apply to do a Postdoctorate at UMESP the candidate shall:

I - Have the title of doctor, obtained by Postgraduation Programs acknowledged by MEC or by Postgraduation Programs of Foreign Institutions.

II - Have academic experience and scientific production compatible with the research project submitted.

Sole paragraph: The visiting researcher will be obliged to make available the resources required to develop the research, it not being possible to use the budgetary resources of UMESP for this purpose, the candidate being able to apply to the development agencies as CNPq, FINEP, CAPES, FAPESP, other FOUNDATIONS and CONGENERS, both domestic and foreign.

Art. 10º The visiting researcher, candidate for the Postdoctorate Internship at UMESP, shall submit to the Postgraduation Secretariat the following documents:

  • Letter to the Postgraduation Program Coordinator or to the Research Group Coordinator requesting enrollment;
  • Doctorate Diploma; in the case of foreign candidates it is necessary to submit the authentication by the consular authority;
  • Plan of Activities and Research Project linked to one of the Research Lines of Stricto Sensu Postgraduation Programs, or of a Postdoctorate Program organized by the Chairs instituted by UMESP;
  • Curriculum Lattes updated for Brazilian candidates and Curriculum Vitae updated for foreign candidates; 
  • Copy of at least three scientific productions most relevant;
  • Justification of interest of the Project for the area;
  • Letter of acceptance of the host coworker;
  • 2 current photos 3x4;
  • Declaration of personal availability of time and budgetary resources for the development of the research, in the case of candidates who do not have a scholarship;
  • Be Brazilian or have a permanent visa in Brazil. A foreign candidate shall be in a legally acceptable situation in Brazil.

Art. 11º The acceptance in the Postdoctorate will be done by means of declaration of approval, issued by the host coworker, after approval by the respective Stricto Sensu Postgraduation Program collegiate or evaluation commission of the respective Chair.

Art. 12º The plan of activities and research project of the candidate shall be followed up by the host coworker, who shall submit to the Postgraduation Program Collegiate or Chair a six-monthly report, containing a circumstantial description of the activities developed in the period.

Art. 13º A final report will be demanded from the student doing the postdoctorate with the submission of the results of the research and documentation of the academic activities executed in the period, in accordance with the Activities Program proposed and approved.

  • 1 The final research report will be evaluated and approved by the Postgraduation Program Collegiate or Chair to which the host coworker is linked. 
  • 2 The final report will be forwarded by the host coworker of the project and will receive a founded report of another professor of the Program or research stage.

Art. 14º At the end of the Postdoctorate Internship, after validation by the Stricto Sensu Postgraduation Committee, a certificate will be sent, by means of the General Secretariat – Diploma and Certificate Registration Sector, in which there shall appear the name of the host coworker, the Postgraduation Program or Chair, the Faculty and Research Group in which the project was developed, the title of the research executed, its duration and financing source, as well as the localization, city and country.

Sole paragraph: Annually a list of the postdoctorate internships executed will be forwarded to CONSUN, for knowledge thereof.

Art. 15º The cases omitted or of doubtful interpretation will be resolved by the Pro-rectory of Postgraduation and Research assisted by the Stricto Sensu Postgraduation Committee.

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