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CAPES and CNPq System

CAPES and CNPq scholarship form

The Program has quotas of CAPES and CNPq study scholarships for master’s degree and doctorate. These scholarships are allocated to the best projects, through internal competition, executed in each Concentration Area.

Accepting a scholarship from the CAPES or CNPq system, the candidate automatically complies with the specific requirements of these development agencies. 

Only candidates passing the proficiency examination in a foreign language can included in this scholarship modality. 

IEPG Scholarships

IEPG scholarship form

The Postgraduation Ecumenical Institute (IEPG) in Religious Studies has a credit scholarship program, intended for students not covered by official or institutional scholarships. The granting of these scholarships is ruled by specific standards of IEPG.

The requests for study scholarships of both systems are made in the Coordination Secretariat in the act of enrolling for the selection examination. The granting of the scholarship to the candidates approved is defined by the Scholarship Commission from the classification of the respective Concentration Areas.

The student obtaining a study scholarship, whether from a public development agency or an internal scholarship program, undertakes to appear in the interviews scheduled by the Scholarship Assistant to indicate the progress of his/her research project and the other academic obligations. The six-monthly renewal of the Scholarship depends upon the report of the Scholarship Assistant and the agreement of the guiding professor.

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