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Structure of the Program

Areas of Concentration


Research lines

Educational Policies and Management

It investigates and critically analyzes actions, processes and movements related to educational policies and management; Discusses its philosophical, epistemological and historical foundations, methods and orientations, in order to generate the advance of knowledge and proposals for educational and social renewal.

It has privileged themes focused on: public policies, participatory management, academic administration, historical fundamentals of educational policies; Education in light of the multireferential perspective; Curriculum-culture-social transformation relationship.

Training of Educators

The Educators Training line investigates the formative processes and the action of educators (teachers, coordinators, managers, social educators) in a critical perspective, problematizing the formation and the practice in the different levels of formal and non-formal education. It identifies itself with the performance of educators in the different socio-historical-cultural contexts and the possibilities and theoretical-methodological challenges of research in the area. Thus, the themes related to: formative knowledge and educational practices are privileged; Formative and professional trajectories; subjectivity; Memory, and gender; Oral history; New technologies and new paradigms of education; Culture, school and society.

  • Scientific Teaching Regime 
  • Epistemological Axis
  • Philosophical Approaches to Education (3 credits)
  • Theories of Education and Brazilian Reality (3 credits) 
  • Methodological Theoretical Axis
  • Research in Education (3 credits)
  • Research Seminars (2 credits)
  • Dissertation Seminars
  • Master (2 credits) 
  • Thematic Axis
  • Elective Disciplines (two / 6 credits)
  • Thematic Seminars (3 credits)
  • Advanced Seminars (2 credits)
  • Scheduled Activities (2 credits)
  • Development of the Dissertation (4 credits)
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