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About the Program


The Graduate Program in Education is part of the Methodist University of São Paulo´s School of Humanities and Law, and is anchored in an approach that enhances the fundamentals of education. It faces the challenges of forming a researcher-lecturer as an educator-manager capable of articulating the knowledge acquired in a critical way. Research is seen as a generator of rigorous knowledge, at the same time that is integrated, socially relevant, rooted in the questions of social practice, meaningful for its transformation and improvement. Knowledge, in turn, should help to clarify the multiple meanings of the teaching action and to improve it more and more.

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The objective is to create a space that considers, as its main concern, the relationship between the research produced and the problem of forming the educator based on issues related to the Brazilian reality.

It is understood that a Post-Graduate Program in Education contributes to the educator's formation process whenever his research finds correspondence and is committed to the problems that are experienced by teachers and students in specific contexts, either in non-formal education spaces or in schools.

It should also be considered that the research dimension, strongly rooted in the university´s masters and doctoral programs, strengthens undergraduate courses´ scientific initiation and, reaffirms its importance for the elementary education teachers.

The proposal of the Master´s in Education program is articulated with the changes of the knowledge formation process in which the frontiers of knowing and doing are re-signified on its relations with the social transformations.

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