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Welcome to the Home Page of the Center for Wesleyan Studies!


The Center was created to facilitate access to primary and secondary research sources for Wesleyan studies on the Internet. There are initiatives in the area of Wesleyan Studies throughout the world that have as their goal to provide texts of the diaries, letters, sermons, works, biblical commentaries, and images in digital form, as well as edit electronic studies and journals. For those that want to grow in knowledge and awareness, it has never been easier to access primary and secondary sources – independent of where we work. This is particularly true for those that understand English and Spanish. We seek to contribute to the fertile discussions of the relationship between the past, the present and the future of a rich spiritual and theological tradition, and, at the same time, contribute to, and draw from, world Christianity.

Helmut Render
For the Center for Wesleyan Studies team

Wesleyan Studies Collection

Many of the principle texts regarding the birth of Methodism and its various movements are currently available on the Internet. We have gathered together a collection of these various sources and added introductory commentaries. It is well worth noting the growing number of texts in Spanish and Portuguese!

As to secondary sources, we have compiled a list of Electronic Journals, Collections, Libraries, and Study Centers that specialize in Wesleyan Studies in order to facilitate dialogue between significant groups.

Brazilian Wesleyan Praxis and Theology

The emphasis on Brazilian Wesleyan Praxis and Theology has become increasingly consolidated over the past twenty years. The Center for Wesleyan Studies of the School of Theology of the Methodist University is one expression of this tendency. With its continuous contribution to national, continental and international dialogue the Center intends to promote a significant Wesleyan presence in Brazil, and in Latin America.

How should Brazil follow the theologia viatorum, the theology of the way of early Methodism? What is the most adequate Brazilian expression of the relation between personal growth and the public presence of the Christian Church, between science and piety, and between culture and religion?

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