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Participant:  until the 19th of September by the following e-mail:  posreligiao@metodista.br or telephone:  (11) 4366-5808 (from nine to five).

Proposal of Research Presentation:  send the text to posreligião@metodista.br.  Please send the text between August 14th, 20015 to September 31st , 2015.

Proposals of Research Presentation should include the following:  academic formation and current position of the author (two lines), the title of the Proposal, a summary of 200 to 300 words, and three to five key words.

Registration for external participants (participants or proposal of research presentation): R$ 40.00 (students), R$ 50.00 (professors).

Registration for students and professors of UMESP (participants or research presentation):  R$ 30.00. 



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